The Steps to an ATU System

This is our approach to most onsite projects. If there are other services you need that you do not see here just ask!


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Starting with a site evaluation, our experienced onsite wastewater team will analyze your site and prepare a range of available options for your consideration, along with an estimate of probable costs. Once a design is selected, our engineers (who are also licensed operators) will finalize a plan set and get it permitted for construction. To maintain strict control over installation, which has a direct impact on system performance, we now do our own installation and connections. After installation, our team will stay onsite to start up the system and make sure it is performing.


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Most advanced treatment system regulations require an operations and maintenance agreement. Our onsite wastewater team includes licensed, experienced operators who can provide this service for our clients.


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If you have a seasonal home, we can provide shutdown/startup services. Our team will visit the site and shut the system down properly for the off-season. With just a quick call a few weeks before you plan to open up your home, we can start it up and have it ready for you when you arrive.

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