Floodplain LOMA and eLOMA Services

As you probably know, FEMA is in the process of changing floodplain maps all over the state. As a result, many properties are now being classified as being a floodplain that have not been so previously. This results in higher insurance premiums. It is possible to remove structures from the floodplain maps, as indicated below.

Floodplain Site Evaluations

If you have a property that merits an evaluation please contact our office (below). Our floodplain specialist will evaluate the property to determine whether or not removal is feasible.

LOMA: LOMA is short for Letter of Map Amendment. It is a letter to FEMA outlining the reasons why a structure should not be classified as being in a floodplain according to an established set of determinations. Once it is approved by FEMA and your structure is removed, the LOMA will be the proof that the property should not be subject to additional flood insurance.

eLOMA: An eLOMA is a LOMA (see above) that is filed electronically. The processing is faster but not all properties are eligible to file eLOMAs.

Elevation Certificate

While the LOMA/eLOMA process does not require an elevation certificate, in certain circumstances insurance companies may require one. Please contact our office to discuss what type of evaluation you may require.

Order a Floodplain Evaluation

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