Septic System Site Evaluation Services

When a conventional system is just not enough, our onsite specialists can help! Not all homesites are created equal. Some may have holding tanks, poor soils and high groundwater require specialized septic system design. In those cases you may want to evaluate what other options may be available. Looking for a point-of-sale or time-of-transfer inspection? Click here.

Some Examples of Advanced Treatment Installations

Site Evaluation

Our onsite wastewater specialists will visit the site in question to evaluate current conditions on the property and review existing data. If a conventional system is allowable, then a conventional septic tank/drainfield combo is the most economical option. If a conventional system is not applicable, then our work continues.

Feasibility Report

A feasibility report outlines the variety of treatment options available for this site, with a rough estimate of the cost for each one.


Once the homeowner has selected a desired design, we complete a set of plans.


The plans then go through permitting with applicable agencies. Often, a long-term maintenance agreement is also required as part of the permitting process. We also provide ongoing maintenance services (see below).

Installation/Construction Oversight

Our onsite wastewater specialists are also engineers and licensed operators. Our team will oversee the construction of the advanced treatment system and connect the controls.

Startup and Ongoing Maintenance

Once the system is installed, our team will start it up and over time provide ongoing maintenance as necessary. Maintenance can include testing and reporting, in addition to system startup and shutdown in the case of seasonal homes.

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