One of GFA's unmanned aerial vehicles

Air GFA: Drone/UAV Services

Get our fleet in the air and working for you!

Licensed, Insured FAA Part 107 Pilots

The future is here! Everyone needs to get more done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. To that end, we’ve invested in training (licensed and insured pilots) and technology (a fleet of drones) to help give you a bird’s eye view, while increasing quality and efficiency to bring projects in on time and on budget.

Conceptual Rendering

Volume & Stockpile Calculations

Evaluate grading choices early in the design process

Inspections & Assessments

Construction Observation

Historic Preservation – Create a 3D point cloud of valuable, one-of-a-kind items

Detailed Orthophotos

When you combine our aerial capabilities with our in-house survey and engineering departments, you have a winning combination. Contact us today!