Specialized wastewater (ATS) for challenging sites, turnkey services

Waterfront, steep slopes, heavy soils – contact us to see what the options are for your site!

Step 1: Site Evaluation/Feasibility Report
  • The first step is a site evaluation.
    A GFA technician will visit your site (we often arrange to have a representative from your local health department with us), and evaluate existing conditions. This includes measuring depth to groundwater, classifying soil types and collecting other data on site conditions.
  • It isn’t always necessary for you to be present during the site evaluation. However, it is important to provide accurate data about existing well and septic system components (location, type) and the use of your home (number of bedrooms, is it a seasonal or year-round residence, etc.) All this information will allow the technician to make the best recommendations on the appropriate system for you.
  • After the site evaluation we will provide a feasibility report, outlining some recommendations on the type of system(s) that will work for you, with price estimates.
Step 2: Survey & Design
  • After you selected the type of system, our survey department can create a site plan of your property that will allow our experts to design the system for you (including the necessary permitting).
Step 3: Installation Oversight
  • Because it is crucial that the system be installed properly in order to work properly, we only use certified installers. A member of our onsite team will be present during the installation.
Step 4: Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • It’s impossible to stress enough that these systems must be properly cared for in order for them to work properly. Indeed, most health departments require an operations agreement before they will sign the permit. Our team of certified operators will oversee the startup of your new system and provide regular maintenance services as needed, including 24-hour emergency service.